Matrix-Q Young Entrepreneurs 

The Matrix-Q Entrepreneur's Club welcomes aspiring young entrepreneurs

We provide gamified vocational programs, tailor-made to the age group:

  • (Age 12 - 14) Matrix-Q Kid-Preneur  (Similar to a scouts activities, learning with games, challenges, and stories. It includes a purpose-quest program) 
  • (Age 15 - 18) Matrix-Q Young-Innovators (Research, creativity, and innovation are tasks to complete in challenges designed to address global, local, and social pressing issues. It includes a purpose-quest program)
  • (Age 18 - 22) Matrix-Q Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur - Vocational Program (Challenges-based journey, to explore purpose-driven entrepreneurship as a vocation. It includes a purpose-quest program)

Tailor-made program

  1. Assessment of individual capacity, setting goals, skills, and purpose-quest program
  2. Our members are welcome to decide how much time per month would like to invest (minimum of 120 min/week, remotely)
  3. Fees vary depending on the age group. (* Winners of the Young Entrepreneurs competitions receive a discount coupon for the membership, up to 100% discount)

How does it work?

  • Because most attendees of our "Matrix-Q Young Entrepreneurs Programs" are under-age (depending on the country), we will always request support from parents, or mentors.
  • The membership includes challenges, games, activities, capacity building, and leisure activities dedicated to inspiring and motivating our young members to explore purpose-driven entrepreneurship.
  • It always includes a purpose-quest challenge  
  • As in any other club, our members will have a mentor-coach, to tailor-made a personal journey, and provide specific support, and training content, where necessary, for our members to achieve the next milestone of skills, knowledge, and tools.
  • Matrix-Q Specialists (coaches/mentors) will also build teams and inspire them to complete projects, take missions, and solve challenges together.
  • The capacity building and vocational program is managed by the Matrix-Q Akademia, as a hands-on program. First attendees will be challenged with games and simulations. Later attendees will be challenged with real-life business activities (adjusted for young entrepreneurs, with support from a mentor)
  • Products created by our young members will be suggested to specific target groups (typically youth, and similar age groups) and delivered in exchange for monetary compensation. 
  • Parents, tutors, or mentors supporting our young members will be invited to attend a webinar, with information on the accelerated learning methodology, time commitment by the students, fees, gamified rewards system, and the rules of compensation (Monetary, training, coaching) the young entrepreneurs will receive.
  • Parents and tutors will be requested to authorize their children/mentorees, to participate in the gamified marketing and sales challenges.

The Membership Fees

  • The membership fees are the same for all members.
  • Some of our members that have completed a challenge, may receive as a reward a membership (** Winners of young entrepreneurs competitions)
  • Our members decide the number of units of training, coaching, or challenge they want to include in their individual memberships. We use a wallet system in which members add UNITS to their wallet, to later consume them in exchange for specific programs or activities. In this way, both parents/tutors and students can have total control over their budget
  • The membership validity varies according to the number of units purchased

Education Methodology

  • We utilize a data-driven gamified accelerated holistic learning methodology
  • A hands-on learning process, learning by doing, by taking challenges, participating in games, story-driven learning, and simulations
  • Our members complete tasks, missions, projects, and challenges, and earn points, that can be used later for trading for more opportunities.
  • Once have reached a threshold of points, also receive rewards, and prizes.
  • The program is provided internationally.
    • SOLO programs for the individual journey with a mentor
    • TEAM programs for taking innovation challenges
    • COLLECTIVE activities in which all members participate
  • The activities are always provided online, via zoom/teams calls or WhatsApp
  • We utilize Matrix-Q Smart Applications and technology, to support our members in their challenges. 
  • A mentor has frequent 1-2-1 online sessions, advises on goal setting, target setting, and learning/skills or purpose-quest/vocational opportunities
  • After completing missions and projects, our members qualify for internship programs, or as creators for royalty (earning) programs, game-masters (facilitators, coaches), or influencers. 
  • Motivated members may join a Matrix-Q Challenge to start their own company, as young entrepreneurs leaders 

Information Webinar or Private Interview


The private interview or webinar will be scheduled after you have applied (See application form) 

The following is the content shared in the webinar

The purpose of the webinar or interview is to share with you all details of the program and answer to all your questions

  • Presentation by our founder, Luis daniel Maldonado Fonken
  • Why we created the Matrix-Q Young Entrepreneurs Program
  • How we support young entrepreneurs with a gamified capacity building and vocational program. We will share our motivation and methodology
  • How we combined gamified learning, with simulations, games, and real business projects for young entrepreneurs. Examples of learning modules, activities, missions, challenges, tasks, projects, and leisure time (See application form)
  • Why do we think underage entrepreneurs should be supported
  • The time commitment (balance with school duties, family and playtime)
  • The compensation rules. Expectations and the role parents/tutors/mentors/guardians have by authorizing their children/mentorees to participate in a program in which potentially will be earnings (profit) out of their creativity.  (Matrix-Q Royalties, Affiliates System)
  • The Matrix-Q Holistic Circular Wealth Generation & Sharing System
  • Fees. Why and when do we charge fees?
  • Volunteer and trade for the membership. Learning how to help others
  • What if you are a winner of a  young entrepreneurs competition (Collaboration with the Match2Work program). Reduced fees upto 100%
  • The registration process, membership agreement
  • Questions and answers