Matrix-Q Pricing System

  • We transform the prices of our services, products, and memberships according to the vision, values, mission, outcome,  impact road map, and growth road map our customers bring to our ecosystem
  • We utilize the Matrix-Q Transformer tool to adjust the (products, services, programs, and memberships) content, road map, tools, methods, algorithms, knowledge level, and prices, according to the customer stage of development. (See below "The rule of readiness")
  • When our customers are ready to take more, we give more
  • We charge fees accordingly 

Price Scales Matrix-Q Memberships, Products, Services

  • The fees per unit may increase in price.
  • The decision varies depending on the product, service, and program content
  • The decision varies depending on two indicators: The Impact Rule, the Matrix-Q Belt Rule, & The Rule of Readiness
  • The prices for a customer, or member, are specific to their cases and defined because of at least one of the rules. 
  • We utilize the Matrix-Q Transformer tool to define the new prices accordingly
  • The prices available in our webshops are standard at 20 min = 36,00 EUR
  • After an assessment session, we define the specific prices for each customer
  • Additional rules may apply (See the Matrix-Q Covenant  & Matrix-Q Belts System  - by the Matrix-Q Akademia)
  • 1 unit = 20+ min  36,00 EUR
    • Impact Rule: The customer or member is motivated and willing to invest time, resources, and efforts to collaborate with others, create together a positive legacy for future generations and accelerate the transition of our planet back to a sustainable future
    • Matrix-Q Belt Rule: Has just started as a candidate to become a Matrix-Q Specialist, and has not yet earned any income as an entrepreneur, member of the Matrix-Q Club, candidate, or holder of the Matrix-Q White Belt
  • 1 unit = 20+ min 72,00 EUR 
    • Impact Rule: The customer or member is willing to create a positive impact in nature, economies, and societies, by addressing global, local or social pressing issues, but only through their own business project or company 
    • Matrix-Q Belt Rule: Has already been able to generate wealth as a candidate to a Matrix-Q Specialist, member of the Matrix-Q Club, holder of the Matrix-Q Yellow Belt
  • 1 unit = 20+ min 108,00 EUR 
    • Impact Rule: The customer or member wants to use his/her own creativity, develop an innovative product, or service, and start up a company with it, by utilizing only one field of specialization or expertise.
    • Matrix-Q Belt Rule: Is participating in the Matrix-Q Innovation Lab, as a candidate to Matrix-Q Specialist, and in need of Matrix-Q Innovation Tools, holder of the Matrix-Q Blue Belt
  • 1 unit = 20+ min 144,00 EUR
    • Impact Rule: Aims to apply the Matrix-Q Knowledge only for own life journey or business development, and for own vision
    • Matrix-Q Belt Rule: Has increased own wealth generation capacity, as a Matrix-Q Specialist, and needs more advanced complex products (Matrix-Q Black Belt+)
  • 1 unit = 20+ min 144,00+ EUR in other cases

Rule of readines

  • We do an assessment of our customer's capacity to apply the Matrix-Q knowledge to create a tangible outcome, this is how we measure our customer's readiness for the next level of content
  • The company is not obliged (See terms of service) to give access to any specific knowledge, resource, request, product, service, or challenge
  • We continuously measure, predict, enhance and optimize the capacity of our members to achieve an outcome by utilizing Matrix-Q Knowledge