Holistic Growth (Add-on) Membership

  • Members of the Matrix-Q Club are welcome to apply for this special membership
  • Eligible candidates commit to the sustainable development, holistic economic growth, legacy, and scalable entrepreneurial projects of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem 
  • Holistic Growth members are active as Ambassadors, Multiplicators, Location Developers, and License (label or franchise) holders. 


  • We provide dedicated attention to all our members.
  • Holistic Growth members are at the heart of our ecosystem, as they contribute to its development and therefore receive priority attention, access to resources, technology, time, and time-sensitive opportunities

Memberships Attention Distribution

  • (20%) Matrix-Q One Program Members are scheduled only on Mondays, weekly 
  • (50%) Matrix-Q Holistic Growth Members and associated business projects, campaigns, and investments receive50% of the dedicated attention time and schedule
  • (30%) For all other membership classes, need to book (reserve and schedule) time in advance. Normally we set a schedule every 81 days, for members that have been longer participating in our ecosystem activities, or those subscribers of the Matrix-Q Exclusive or Investors Memberships. We always reserve free time monthly for new members. 

Matrix-Q Investors-Entrepreneurs